A quick note about visas

Because visas and embassies can be somewhat of a law unto themselves we want to make sure you understand where you stand. It's not the same as just buying something. You are paying for the Embassies to CONSIDER giving you a visa. This means they can decide not to give you a visa and not refund your money. Sometimes there are other ways to get a visa after you have been turned down but it will always involve paying further fees unfortunately.

Embassies occasionally make mistakes for which, they can charge you to rectify.

Having said all that we process many thousands of visas and the number of problems is very low. If we make a mistake, we will make sure we get you the correct visa and we'll pay all the embassy costs as well.

So below, for your reading pleasure, are the terms and conditions of using the Visa Machine. Rather dull but important none the less.


The Terms and Conditions

This agreement is made between:

(1) THE VISA MACHINE LIMITED , the Company incorporated in England and Wales, number 07920183, whose registered office is at 14 Whitehouse Street, Bristol, BS3 4AY, United Kingdom;

(2) The individual, the Customer, whose name, address and contact details are specified in this application for visas;


(A) The Visa Machine Ltd will endeavour to apply for visas on behalf of the Customer.

(B) The Customer wishes for the Company to apply for visas on their behalf.

(C) The Customer understands that the visas are being applied for under the terms set out below.



  • my passport must be valid for at least six months after the expiry date (exit date) of my final visa in order to be valid for the visa application process.
  • I must provide one blank passport page for each visa I have applied for and in some cases 2 blank pages.
  • if I have made any mistakes on my visa forms, or have not completed any section of the visa application forms, that I am putting my visa application at risk of delay or rejection.
  • if my photos are not attached to each visa application form in the way specified in the instructions provided with my visa application form, or if the photos are the wrong size, colour, print quality as per the instructions provided with my visa application form, that my visa application cannot be processed.
  • I am advised not make any travel arrangements until I have the correct visas in my passport and that The Visa Machine Ltd does not accept any responsibility for any costs, inconveniences, delays or situations of any kind if this advice is not followed.
  • that even having all the correct visas and paperwork does not guarantee entry or easy passage into a country and that at any time and with no warning the country can change all of the requirements for entering the country.
  • that The Visa Machine Ltd is not in any way guaranteeing that a visa will be obtained or that entry into the country will be guaranteed. The Visa Machine Ltd is assisting soley with the application process for a visa and has no powers to issue a visa itself. No fees will be returned in the case that an embassy or other visa issuing authority refuses to grant a visa.
  • there is no accurate way to provide timings for visas as Embassies can change the rules at any time and they are under no legal obligation to provide a reason.
  • The fees paid are for the Embassies to consider my visa application and do not guarantee I will be granted a visa and that if refused the Embassy is under no obligation to provide warning or reason.
  • even where a visa is issued this does not guarantee entrance into that country.
  • The Visa Machine Ltd may engage third parties in the process of applying for my visas.
  • in consideration of the above, that my passport and personal data will be processed by The Visa Machine Ltd and passed on only to third parties and authorities who require it to ensure that the visa application is properly considered. The Visa Machine will not pass on my passport or personal data to any third parties or authorities who are not directly relevant to the application process. For more information on how we process your data, please read our Privacy Policy.
  • The Visa Machine Ltd does not accept any responsibility, actual, financial or consequential, for any loss, damage, misprint, mis-delivery or delay of documents whilst they are outside of the Company's possession, (for example, whilst they are in the care of an Embassy, Consulate or Government Department, the Royal Mail or any other mailing, dispatch or courier service) or any other third party that may be involved in the process of application.
  • any claim regarding the above should be directed to the third party and the involvement of the Company is limited only to offering assistance.
  • no translation services are offered and that the Company does not verify any information on visa applications or visas issued.
  • The Visa Machine Ltd does not accept any liability for any loss of any kind caused by inaccuracies on any visas that were created by third parties such as Embassies. In such a situation the Company will do what it can to advise and assist but I understand that it is my responsibility to check for any such errors on any visas I am issued and alert the company in a timely manner. If there are errors directly caused The Visa Machine it will correct the errors to the visa but does not take any responsibility for delays to travel arrangements, which should not be made until the visas are issued correctly.
  • The Visa Machine will ask for personal data which is only in connection with my visa or letter of invitation application. In order to process my visa or letter of invitation application, The Visa Machine will only pass the data on to required third parties such as foreign government bodies or service providers needed to provide the service of getting my visa, who will become responsible for my data.



In the course of your visa or letter of invitation application, we will ask you to give us some personal data. We will never use this in any way other than in fulfilling the process of obtaining your visa or letter of invitation. We will process your data according to our Privacy Policy.



We ask you to pay at the point that you order your visas unless you have entered into an agreement with us that supersedes these terms and conditions or you have an alternative arrangement with us in writing. In the absence of any arrangement with us, The Visa Machine will not begin processing your visa application/s until payment has been received.

  • If you order your visas online via our website at www.thevisamachine.com or any portal using the format xx/thevisamachine.com, you will be asked to pay via Paypal using a credit or debit card. You will be shown a summary of your order and receive a receipt from Paypal to show that your money has been received. The Visa Machine does not store your card details at any point in this process. Should you wish to pay over the phone, or by bank transfer, you can do so by contacting us at the point of payment.
  • If you order by phone or outside of our website, you will be asked to pay over the phone or by direct bank transfer. You will be sent an invoice detailing your order summary.
  • The Visa Machine uses Paypal Pro to take card details by phone and does not store any card details. Any personal or financial data taken by Paypal during the process of payment is the sole responsibility of Paypal.
  • We do not accept cash or cheques except in exceptional circumstances.



Our refund policy is 3 tier depending on how much work we have already done and how much money we have already given to the Embassies:

  • 1) If you have not sent in any documentation for processing, you will be entitled to a full refund of all the Invite/Embassy and Visa Machine Ltd administrative fees.
  • 2) If you have sent in your documentation and processing has started, but no Invites/visas have been obtained, you will be entitled to a full refund of all Invite/Embassy fees, but only 50% of the Visa Machine Ltd administrative fees.
  • 3) If you have sent in your documentation and processing has been completed/application submitted to the embassy, you will not be entitled to a refund of the embassy fee or Visa Machine Ltd administrative fees.



  • In ordering your visas, you should understand that visa applications can sometimes be a slow process and each visa can take 1.5-2 weeks to obtain. Further that there is no completely accurate way to provide timings for visas as Embassies can change the rules at any time, though most give guidance on their average processing times. The information displayed on thevisamachine.com is based on those average timings.
  • We will endeavour to obtain your visas and deliver them back to you in the quickest time possible. In doing so, we will be required to pass on some of your personal data - your name, delivery address and sometimes phone number - to the third party responsible for couriering your passport and/or documents back to you.